Our mission

With a global approach we offer differentiatedbankingservices and innovative financial solution, by creating distinct vale for our stakeholders along with a satisfying experience, through presence in profitable economicsectors with a priority focus on tourism industry , thereby playing a positive role in our national economicgrowth and development.

Our value

1) Achieving sustainable customer satisfaction is at the core of our activities and customers are the focal point for everything we do.

Cinque Terre
Our first priority is to respond to customer needs and expectations, by providing innovative solutions. We interact with our customers such that they become loyally bonded to us. We communicate with customers in their own language, by giving importance to their beliefs and cultures. We treat our customers as we like to be treated and we help them find solutions for their wants and needs in the scope of the bank’s activities. In order to build extensive and beneficial relationships, we put our customers at the heart of all we do.

2) Our staff are our most valued asset.
We believe that the tools for maximizing financial gain and sustaining success in market are not just limited to product/service offerings, technology and competitiveness. For us the most important means for achieving excellence is the ability to attract and retain talented and competent people. The quality of our products/ services and the provision of innovative solutions depend on the merits, capabilities and qualifications of our people. Therefore, in order to achieve cohesion and consistency throughout the bank in the framework of an integrated HR policy, we continuously strive to recruit the most promising talents at all levels and to provide them with opportunities for progress and development. We assign our best people to critical positions, while giving them relevant career development opportunities for valuable profession and quality living. In the Tourism Bank we believe that “our most important assets are competent people, aligned with the bank”. The actualization of this approach requires the creation of a motivating and joyful working culture, together with the effective and fair compensation for our people, for which we will not forego any effort. Meanwhile, we keep in mind that the purpose of effective compensation does not lead to the rewarding of appropriate behaviors for inappropriate people. So, we first select qualified and competent people and then we strive to retain them..

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3) Building trust on the foundation of transparency, honesty, integrity and professional ethics.
All of our business relations are directed based on transparency, honesty, well intentions, mutual benefit and fairness. we are always committed to the highest levels of ethical and legal standards, believing that our bank’s sustained performance is inseparable from transparent and effective relationships with shareholders,investors,employees,suppliers,customers,consumers,governmentofficials, media and the society at large.

4) Giving high regard to tourism culture as the driver of the bank’s activities, with the purpose of strengthening national economy.
Giving importance to the culture of tourism and participation in the development of this industry is a priority for our bank’s activities. For this purpose, we deploy advanced technologywith the highest standards to offer the best services andproducts, along with innovative solutions, in order to play a constructive role in increasing social prosperity and in improving national economic growth and development.

Cinque Terre
5) We focus on vitality, creativity, agility and expertise in all working processes and believe continuous learning to be an inseparable part of our bank’s culture.
In the Tourism Bank we believe that the cultivation of creativity, innovation, agility and expertise starts with creative, innovative, agile and expert people. Delivery of innovative services to customers cannot be expected from people who miss such capabilities. So, we first need to select people with these attributes and place them in relevant positions ,before the concepts of vitality and innovation could be extended throughout the bank. Eventually, creative and innovative decision-making and action is required for organizing an innovative and agile bank. Keeping this sequence is very important and that is why we have a flexible and effective recruitment process to select the right people. On the other hand, we continuously encourage and propagate learning and innovation in our work environment. we actually believe that by retaining creative and innovative people, cultivating a dynamic and flexible work environment, and executing agile processes we can provide ‘’innovative solutions’’ through valuable products and services, improve the ‘’quality of life” for our stakeholders and try to improve indicators in areas such as social relations, health, social welfare, individual knowledge and skills, economic development, standards of living, and citizen rights.

6) Our bank and its people are committed to their decisions and actions at all times and remain accountable towards their undertaken responsibilities.
Accountability and responsibility in our bank is achieved by establishing an integrated and rational system with clear boundaries, within which people can exercise freedom with accountability. In this framework we employ accountable , responsible and orderly people who are self-managed and we seek to manage the system ,instead of managing people. In such a system, each individual is accountable for the responsibilities he/she undertakes in the bank, so that employees are assessed based on what they accept to deliver and what they deliver. When delegating work to an individual, there must be a balance between the responsibilities and authorities given to that person and this is determined by the bank’s management system. On the other hand each person in the bank is responsible for his/her own actions, even this is part of a collective effort. Those who take part in a project or in the execution of plans are also accountable for their individual performance, to the extent of their participation in the project. Ultimately, the bank is accountable for its performance towards all stakeholders and every action is coupled with transparent information dissemination.

Cinque Terre
7) Teamwork and participative management are embedded in all activities and are encouraged throughout the bank. .
In the Tourism Bank we have created a space for the direct and indirect participation of all staff in shaping decisions and in decision-making, so that they can utilize all resources in making their own and their bank’s future and to continuously strive to help others make their future. In doing so, cooperative spirit will increase , as people feel the benefits of collective wisdom over personal opinion, to make the attainment of outstanding and valuable achievements possible. We are aware that teamwork and participative management are not enough in leading us towards attaining outstanding achievements. The right way is to select the right people, assign them appropriate roles and clear positions in teams, engage them in the right thinking processes with a systemic and synergistic approach, so that a team structure becomes aligned with the bank’s vision and objectives in reality and in practice, to achieve expected results and continuous success.

8) Harmony coordination and discipline at the workplace and our most critical success factors.
Outstanding and sustainable achievements are the result of building a bank that is filled with self-managed and self-disciplined people whose decisions are aligned and adapted with a disciplined culture is not limited to our work and actions but means selecting self-disciplined staff whose decisions are based on disciplined thinking. We don’t make the mistake of creating a disciplined culture by enforcing order through authoritative people and we are aware that the two are very different. The former is based on healthy thinking and the latter is an unhealthy action. We do not consider ourselves as the enforcers of order and disciplinedby imposing a self-righteous approach ,but we are after a thoughtful and well-disciplined culture that leads to sustainable achievements. On the other hand ,we are aware that sustainable satisfaction of our customers, shareholders , staff and society can be achieved by creating and propagating a well- disciplined culture in each of our employees and in the whole bank. Therefore, we are committed to the maintenance of order and discipline in all activities, process, initiatives and action plans, while giving priority to its institutionalization in organizational behavior in our management systems. we are in the Tourism Bank are aware that any organization in which its people are committed to order and discipline ,while respecting existing laws and regulations, can reach high levels of progress and excellence. As a result, we believe in importance of maintaining order and discipline throughout the bank. As represented throughout the bank, as represented by the behaviors of all staff and management.

Cinque Terre
Our vision
By end of the year 2019, the Tourism Bank:
  • Will be among the top 5 banks in Iran in terms of profitability (EPS).
  • Will have access to 3% of the banking networks’ sources in Iran.
  • Will hold the first rank in the provision of diverse financial & banking service to the tourism industry.
  • Will be among the top 3 brands favored by customers.