Building and Construction of Tourism Projects

What are loans for creation and construction of tourism projects?
In order to support tourism activities and development of this important industry in Iran, loans for creation and construction of tourism projects is granted to tourism activists with the goal of development of the country’s tourism infrastructure.

What are the benefits of getting this type of loans from Tourism bank?
  • Proper planning of the project and gradual supply of required funds for the project
  • Partnership with the Bank as a reliable and stable organization to ensure of the achieving results.
  • By getting the loans in the line with your economic activities you will experience more accurate economic management in your activities.
What conditions are required for getting these facilities?
  1. Your age should be 18 years complete
  2. For getting loans of Tourism Bank, if you have a loans with past due installments and differed and or you have history of bounced check, then you should first perform necessary setting payments.
  3. Supplyof documentation of justification plan and permits issued by the project is necessary
  4. Granting facilities for construction is performed by mortgaging of building in favor of the bank.
What is the interest rate of these facilities?
At the present time the interest rate of these loans is based on approval of the Central bank of Iran (CBI) for partnership contracts.
How will be the payment of these loans?
Payment of loans will be gradual and based on progress of the project and the bank will secure max 10% of the project cost.

What documents are required?
  1. Identity documents: including Birth certificate and ID Card and other reliable documents for Non-Iranian customers.
  2. Proof of residence documents: Including lease or ownership document and or other respective documents.
  3. Job documents: Including introductory letter from place of work, valid business license, certificate of employment and or other respective documents.
  4. Documents relating to receiving of facilities: Documentation of justification plan and issued permits of the plan