Long-term foreign currency account

Long –term foreign currency investment deposit account
It is kind of banking account that based on the request of real and legal persons and by virtue of the contract between the Bank and the applicant is opened. In this type of account customers empower the bank to use the amount of this deposit according to interest-free banking law, and then calculate and remit the gained profits according to relevant rules and regulations and after deduction of Bank lawyer’s fee proportional to the amount and time.
Terms and conditions of long-term investment deposit account
Minimum period of long-term investment deposit in order to gain profit from the opening date is 1 month and maximum is 12 months. Long-term investment deposit, if don’t receive the written request of the depositor, will be automatically extended for subsequent periods, at the time of maturity

For whom is this account suitable?
If you have currency funds which you don’t need them in short term, and also if you are looking for a way to preserve the value of your money and invest it, we recommend you the long-term investment deposit.

How much is required minimum amount for opening a currency account?
The minimum amount to open an account and remaining of the long-term currency investment deposit, for each of US Dollars, Euro, UK Pound is 1000 units of the same currency.

Table of interest rate of long-term currency deposit is as below:
1 Month
3 Month 6 Month
 12 Months

US Dollars

2.25 3.50 4.50
2.50 3.75 5