Bank and financial institutions throughout the world, like other entities, are worry about impact on the environment, because they are aware about their role and determined responsibility for society.
The goal of Tourism Bank for creating E-Bank campaign is for encouragement of the customers to use E–Banking services in order to encourage environmental protection, air pollution reduction, in town traffic reduction.
In this system, banking processes are efficient and effective tools for minimizing the rate of environmental destruction. Generally most important goals of E-Banking are securing the environment, home and land sources.
That is why internet bank, cell bank and telephone bank have been seriously come into consideration more than ever.

Internet Banking:
One of the effects of changing in living behavior pattern in the society, is change in manner of demands and monetary and banking services. In this regard Tourism Internet Bank tries to meet the customers’ demands by providing electronic environment.
Internet bank is a kind of service that enables the customer to accomplish its banking processes through internet. Using of this service will cause the speed of fulfillment of transactions, and consequently increase of customer satisfaction. Also greater use of this service will cause reduction of several and unnecessary refers of customers to branches of banks.

Mobile Banking:
Nowadays, none of your personal tools may assist you in fulfillment of your daily affairs, like your Cell. By expansion of mobile networks and presentation of smart and super smart Cells in the market, Cell Bank also, with the aim of facilitate in fulfillment of banking processes, has been appeared wherever that is covered by mobile network. Tourism Cell bank is a kind of service that provides the fulfillment of many banking processes for the customers, through the Cell. This is a tool that causes the bank to be available and accessible for you more than ever.

Telephone Banking:
For using the tourism phone bank and have access to every existing communication tools in the communication network, just dial number: (021) 23950. By dialing this number from wherever in the world and at any time during the day and night you can use of the banking services.
Our phone bank is another service of electronic banking services that enable the customer, through connecting to telephone, fulfill its banking affairs.