Private Banking

Private banking services of Tourism Bank in the framework of operational strategy of our bank has been designed and set up for development of existing services and products as well as spread of creative financial services and products, in order to provide more satisfaction for our honorable customers. Tourism Bank by relying on sources, capacities, specialist human resources, agility and high flexibility and determination in the realization of the principles of customer focus and along with developments and requirements of competitions, has provided private banking services. At the present time, following services and products are provided in the form of Tourism Bank private banking services:
What is private banking?
Receiving services beyond the usual bank services – both in terms of quality and quantity – is one of the most important demands and needs of specific customers of the bank in the current competitive era. Also, these groups of customers expect products and services of the bank to be providable to comply with their needs and tastes. Private banking is the best platform to achieve this matter. In the form of private banking services, diverse mix of financial services, investment and consulting with quality and tailored to the needs of specific customers(whether real or legal) will be provided to this group of clients.
The word “private” in this term, is representing the two main characteristics of this type of services:
1- Provide customized services to customers through a dedicated interface that is presented to each customer
2- Emphasize the confidentiality of customer information and the obligation to win the confidence of customers for devolution financial and personal affairs to the Bank.