The main rules and regulations governing the activities of the Bank are as follows:


• The law of monetary and banking; Adopted in 1972
• The law of interest-free banking; Adopted in 1983
• The law of interpolation of 2 notes to Article 15 of the amended law of interest-free banking law; Adopted in 1988
• The law of permission of establishment of private banks; Adopted in 2000
• The Law of arrangement of unorganized monetary market; Adopted in 2004
• The law of anti-money laundering
• The law of rationalize of interest rate of banks facilities with the rate of return in varicose economic sectors; Adopted in 2006
• The law of cheque issuance; Adopted in 2003
• The law of direct taxation; Adopted in 1987
• The trade law; Adopted in 1932 and its next amendments
• The law of E-commerce; Adopted in 25.01.2004
• The law of securities market of Islamic Republic of Iran; Adopted in 22.11.2005

Cinque Terre

The Bills and Regulations

• The Bill of banks affairs management; Adopted in 1979
• The Bill of bans on bank debtors exit; Adopted in 1980
• The regulations of execution the contents of obligatory official documents
• Amendment to Article 34 of establishment law
• Regulations and instructions communicated by Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran
• Regulations and instructions communicated by Securities and Exchange organization
• Packages of monitoring policy of Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran that have been considered as the base of operating activities during the reported fiscal year
• Approvals of money and credit council
• Tourism Bank statute