By virtue of permission of Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, Tourism Bank was established on 28.12.2010. Our Bank was then listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange on 25.07.2011, and its shares were traded on 27.07.2011, for the first time.
The most important activities of the Bank include: Opening and maintaining current and saving accounts, short or long term investment accounts, financing tourism projects, issuing various bank cards, credit facilities and advances based on Iran's banking regulations.
Tourism Bank launched with an initial capital of IRR2,000 Billion, which reached to IRR4,9000 Billion on 30.10.2013, and once again was increased to IRR6,000 Billion on 01.10.2014. The Bank target is to increase its capital from IRR6,000 to IRR10,000 Billion up to 2017.
Our shareholders are composed of both individuals and legal entities. Tourism Bank is owned mainly legal persons which are essentially financially robust institutions.
Tourism Bank in the form of extensive banking activities (Universal banking) has been organized and will continue its activities accordingly. Although commercial activities of Tourism Bank is similar to other banks, but special attention of Tourism Bank to Iran's tourism industry has distinguished our bank from others. Tourism Bank shall be remain the bank of all Iranian people and will work in all banking ranges. Anyway specialty of founders of our bank in the range of high capacity and profitable of tourism, have provided major opportunities and advantages for investment and initiatives of private sector in this industry, and from this point of view, Tourism Bank renders its services to national economy through resource and employment development.


Tourism Bank is a financial entity that its goal, subject to consideration of full terms of monetary and financial regulations, is to maximize stable and long-term interest for its shareholders through offering new credit and financial services in Iran and out of Iran too.
Our bank with emphasize on tourism industry and on usage of professional sources, is conducting by relying on wide range of tourism industry, and is looking for gaining remarkable share of financial and credit activities in Iran through fair competition with other governmental as well as private credit institutions and banks in Iran, cost reduction and offering new credit and financial services and products. The goal of our bank is to get the leadership of the market through offering new credit and financial products.

Competitive Power

Our competitive power is based on quality of products and services as well as human resources. These two indices will shape main combination of customer's attraction.
In spite of Bank commitments for using of minimum necessary human power and using of high level technology and automation, anyway the Bank will try its best attempt that its valuable customers enjoy the services by sufficient human power for getting required banking services and also ideal E-Banking services in branches and headquarters

International Area

Tourism Bank chasing cooperation with foreign financial institutions in three areas:

Compliance With International Standards

Tourism Bank commits itself that while full observation of banking regulations of Iran, Especially complete acceptance guide lines of Central Bank of Iran, will consider international criterions and standards for banking and financial credit activities.
In the area of capital adequacy, our bank commits itself to consider all relevant international standards.

Stable Quality Improvement

In the banking industry all banks have to focus on their target customers.
The main objective of our colleagues in Tourism Bank is to achieve customer satisfaction as well as maintaining and developing of continuous improvement in our services and products.
Tourism Bank will spend all its efforts to improve the quality of services and products of the Bank, so that to achieve a leading position among commercial private banks in Iran. In this context bank quality control authorities will have serious and active presence, at all stages of the proceedings, from design and production and services, up to presentation and marketing approach.