Social Responsibility

Bank activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility
We cannot live only for ourselves; there are thousands of strings that connect us with other human beings.
Social responsibility nowadays is an important factor in determining the completion of activities of economic entities, especially the Banks. Therefore to practice of social responsibility in the range of the interests of shareholders and employees as well as society and people interests also environmental remarks cause that we highlight our role in the society.
In order to fulfill the social responsibility and human tasks for shareholders, colleagues, society and nature, first the creation of annual program in this area was performed under the supervision of the Honorable CEO and then following major activities were carried out

  • replacement of paper based forms with dynamic forms
  • Production of gift cards with potential to be collected with collectors
  • Use of stone paper to preserve green space and reduce the cutting of trees
  • Production and distribution of recyclable cups
  • Supporting the Yas e- Fatemeh Alnaby charitable institution
  • Supporting the construction and operation of Kimya Danish Schools in deprived areas
  • Supporting the Ra’ad Rehabilitation Goodwill Complex
  • Supporting the Mahak Charity institution
  • Allocation of Bank charity investment fund to welfare organizations
  • Opening and operation of multi-purpose sports hall in the Chale Moort area in Hormozgan province, 2015
  • Supporting the Carting racing of national championship on 18th Sep., 2015
  • Supporting Para – Olympic champion
  • Supporting the Persepolis football team
Cultural and artistic:
  • Making the artwork of Khorramshahr Symphony poem
  • Supporting the production of a movie called “City of rats”, 2013
  • Supporting the production of Imam Khomeini Symphony
  • Supporting the cultural and artistic festival in Kerman Province
  • Supporting the exhibition of “ In search of Lost, composed by Farideh Lashaie” in Tehran museum of contemporary Art
  • Celebration of Scientific and Cultural fames of Iran
Scientific area:
  • Supporting the dispatch of elites to science international conference hosted by Italy
  • Supporting the banking and economic books
  • Supporting the graduation ceremony of Beheshti University students
Tourism area:
  • Tourism Bank officially joined the World Tourism Organization(UNWTO). The operation of the complex of Airport international Hotels of Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Supporting the construction of International Airport hotels of Imam Khomeini Airport, that has been designed and constructed according to Axisprime and Axis French international hotels standards
  • Supporting of the World Tourism Day
  • Special support of the Culture festival of Iranian Tribes
  • Support and presence in Tourism international exhibition
  • Support the first Tourism start up weekend
  • Signing agreement with Cultural Heritage Organization
  • Supporting the festival of Tourism Guides Day
  • Supporting the book of Brand making guide for Tourism destinations
  • Supporting of building the on road integrated utilities
  • Supporting the Eco-Tourism of Bandar Abbas
  • Supporting the book of Nature Trails in Iran