Tourism Industry

Tourism financial group signed an agreement with French hotel group Accor to operate the two hotels of 4 and 5 star of Imam Khomeini Airport.
Mehdi Jahangiri, Chairman and CEO of tourism financial group in the ceremony of signing contract with Accor international hoteling group in Tehran stated: We believe that expertise of international hoteling group will cause promotion in internal standards and level of offering services in the country chain hotels and finally will bring added value for business in this sector.
Mr. Jahangiri by stating that today after 40 years common band of Iranian and French group has been started, stated: The Accor group not only helped its Iranian partner during the sanctions but also paved the way for after sanction era, and today we are observing the signature of a memorandum of understanding and official transfer of Imam Khomeini Airport four and five star hotels to this French team.
He also pointed out that the operation of new hotels of this Airport in the name of “NOVOTEL” and “IBIS” through Accor international hoteling group will be started from September 2015, at the same time with World Tourism Day, announced: at the present time Accor hoteling group is responsible for managing 71 Hotels including 17,300 rooms in the Middle East.
In continuation of this ceremony Mr. Sebastian Bazin, Chairman and CEO of Accor hoteling group stated: we are very pleasure for signing of this contract with tourism financial group in Iran and we are confident that NOVOTEL and IBIS will be incorporated with the accelerate growth of hoteling in Iran.
According to his statement, the look of our brands has been focused on large growth capacity in Iran, a country which has over 80 Million populations and a growing economy, and added: our goal is that through a set of our global brands, we will develop a large network in Iran.
Currently the Accor hoteling group has the responsibility of management of 71 hotels in the Middle East in various sectors ineconomy and middle class in 10 countries of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Yemen.
I have to say that above mentioned hotels have been constructed in Iran with support of Tourism Bank and with cooperation by SEMEGA and ZIGORAT ARIA companies that in the March of last year were put into operation. Tourism Bank and SEMEGA Company as two official members of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) are reputable in the international conventions and try and serve in the line with development of hoteling and tourism industry in Iran.