In the eighteenth year of ranking (IMI 100) that was conducted by the Industrial management Institute, Tourism Bank, with 30-step raise, was placed among 100 top companies.
Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of tourism financial group, in the ceremony of Tourism World day
Based on the report of Tourism Bank Public Relations, the membership request of this bank in the spring of 2014 was initially agreed by World Tourism Organization, and then in general assembly of this organization in 2015 which was held in Medlin – Colombia, official membership of Tourism Bank dependently was approved by this assembly.
Nowadays various countries have tried to find an alternative for paper, because consumption of paper is equal to more cutting of trees and destroy of green space. In fact, currently due to costly production of paper that will lead to destruction the environment and green space, the paper is considered a luxury good and irregular use of it has no economic efficiency
According to the report of public relations of Tourism Bank, the team consists of elite student ” Sina Aghili” and his guide professor, Dr. Afshin Farahbakhsh, at the invitation of World Conference of Science and with support of Tourism Bank, were attended this great scientific gathering
Country Championship Carting Competition was held on 18 Sep., 2015, with support and sponsorship of Tourism bank.
Ceremony of the beginning of largest tourism and recreation complex construction project was held in Sirjan.
Tourism bank flag was raised over the Tian Shan Mountains