International Banking

Tourism Bank as the first specialized tourism industry bank in Iran has received the international operations license number 307151 Dated 04.Feb.2015 from the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran in order to provide global banking services in accordance with the international regulations.
We are hoping to achieve a bright global economic prospect which is mutually beneficial for both our Iranian and non- Iranian clients. Highly qualified colleagues in international field of banking services and the appropriate required infrastructures have guaranteed the quality of our services to our customers.
In the first place we have provided our customers with the foreign currency account services, exchange of foreign currencies along with the various foreign currency transfers. In this respect we have offered the following foreign currency accounts:
• Foreign Currency Saving Accounts
• Foreign Currency Current Accounts
• Foreign Currency Term Deposit Accounts
In the second place we are determined to offer the other services such as letters of credit, documentary collections, letters of guarantee and so on to our clients in Iran and within international arena.
We have also introduced inland national transactions via the Tourist Card which is available for foreign clients in Iran upon their first arrival which will secure their money while they are visiting our country. Tourist Card is a rechargeable debit card that allows its holder to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for all goods and services while traveling to our country. Holders can determine the balance value of the cards which retain unused balance and can be accessed by the holder at any time.